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Follivita-52 Homeopathic Hair Growth Promoter

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Follivita 52

How to Use?

Follivita-52 Serum

Mix 20ml Follivita-52 serum in 200 ml of coconut and massage it over the scalp. Do it twice a day for 52 days (morning and night).

Follivita-52 Tablets

Take 2 tablets each twice a day (morning and night) for 52 days.

Benefits of Follivita-52

  • Prevents hair loss and baldness
  • Fastens hair growth in people suffering from male pattern baldness
  • Repairs dry, frizzy, unmanageable and damaged hair
  • Serum has a lightweight, non-sticky texture
  • See effects in 52 days
  • Serum has a non greasy formula that smoothes the hair texture
  • Improves the quality of your hair and makes it smooth to touch
  • No side effects
  • For both men and women


Follivita-52 is a complete hair care treatment kit that can revive and transform your hair into one you have always dreamed of! Ladies! Don’t you want flake-free, soft & silky hair that makes you feel beautiful and confident? And gentlemen! Don’t you want to fasten your hair growth?

Well, Follivita-52 is just what your hair needs!

Infused with nature's essential extracts, this hair care kit is ideal for hair loss (बाल झड़ना), hair fall, hair damage and overall hair care.

The Follivita-52 serum is a lightweight formula that easily penetrates the scalp and nourishes the roots of your hair. Its active ingredients repair hair damage and improve the health of the hair follicles, increasing hair density.

Follivita-52 tablets block the production of DHT hormone which is one of the major causes of baldness. It comes in contact with the hair follicle, forms a barrier against it at the follicle receptor level & promotes hair growth without any further side effects. This process helps secrete less amount of DHT thereby preventing baldness.


Protection from damage

Excess dust and pollution exposure leads to hair damage. Follivita-52 penetrates deeper inside the hair shaft, scalp, reaches the hair follicle and augments healthy and natural growth of hair. It also helps to sustain the ideal amount of protein needed by your hair.


Hair fall has become a common issue regardless of age. Especially, during a morning hair wash, it is quite common to lose 100s of hair in the shower drain. Applying Follivita-52 serum lowers porosity with minimal chances for hair breakage. The serum is enriched with essential ingredients for hair growth.


Nothing feels better than soft, smooth and silky hair. UV rays and heating tools in salons damages your hair and makes them dull and frizzy. To boost the outer structure of your hair which determines hair quality, Follivita-52 is packed with natural extracts that align cuticles to get cottony soft and silky hair.

Reviews 14

  • Bharti Mishra

    Pollution and sun had really made my hair damage worse. I had severe hair fall and my hair was both dry and frizzy. Salon treatments didn’t help. But Follivita-52 did! Best hair care product ever!

  • Rashmi Bijoy

    I had really bad hair fall and also breakage. I used this for nearly a month after reading very positive reviews as well as beauty blogs. I was very happy with the results.

  • Kirti Jain

    Love this product. I have been using this treatment for the last 40 days. This is the best hair treatment kit I have used so far. My hair was dry and frizzy but now my hair has become soft & silky.

  • Raj Dubey

    I had lost a lot of my hair, especially in the front part of my scalp. I was really worried about becoming bald. Follivita-52 not only stopped my hair fall but also fastened my hair growth. Good hair serum for men!

  • Mrs. Shristi Mewade

    Before pregnancy, I used to have beautiful, long hair. I was known for my lovely long hair. But after delivery, my hair volume is half of what it used to be. But now Follivita-52 has given me my old hair back.

  • Radhika Kavya

    “Follivita-52 is an amazing hair product. The serum is non-greasy and I can see the change in my hair after just the 1st week. My dandruff is gone and hair fall is also reduced. Love this product.”

  • Sandhya Munshi

    For the last 2 years due to hormonal imbalance I have been facing extreme itchiness of scalp, dryness , dandruff and thus hair fall especially during winters. This product has given me ultimate relief from dry scalp, itchiness and hair fall.

  • Kunal Sen

    Really good product. Trusting a hair product would always be a concern for anyone. But this one is worth buying. I used it every day and got immediate results.

  • Alina Khan

    It provides a good amount of nourishment to the scalp as I don't have hair fall anymore. My hairs have become soft and smooth and they are also better quality. Overall it’s effective and gave me good results.

  • Amitav Das

    Really great product. I was really worried about my receding hairline. My friends and colleagues were teasing me. And now Follivita-52 has really put a stop to my hair loss.

  • Shuchita Cherian

    Very good for hair growth and has a nice smell as well. The serum is really amazing. Totally recommend this hair treatment kit for everyone. You have to use it regularly for effective use, though.

  • Sarthak Raj

    I have been dealing with hair fall for the last 2 years. I lost more than 50% of my hair. Tried everything and nothing helped. This has done wonders. Hair Fall is minimal. It really works

  • Rishabh Sagar

    I have used it every day once a day. It grew hair on my completely bald spots. Not too many but it did grow enough. I hope that my hair will grow enough to cover all of my bald spots.

  • Reshma Soni

    Serum is very mild and gentle on my hair. Product is authentic. Got results from first use itself. Hair fall is reduced and now my hair is shiny and smooth. Love the treatment kit.


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